What is Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining? What Is Mining?


What is Cryptocurrency Mining? Simple Terms.

Cryptocurrency Mining is a process of verifying transaction for cryptocurrencies.  In very simple terms.  Cryptocurrency Mining verifies cryptocurrency financial transactions.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining? Complicated Terms

Cryptocurrency Mining is a process of verifying cryptocurrency transactions on a cryptocurrency blockchain.  A Blockchain is a decentralised way of communicating digital transactions for financial records.  It sounds pretty fancy and technical, and it is. But. All a blockchain, it is a digital financial record that stores financial data.

Cryptocurrency verifies this financial data using high end computers called CPU, GPU or ASIC cryptocurrency miners.  It is a well known fact that if you have a massive cryptocurrency mining farm or datacentre then you can verify a lot of digital, financial records via the blockchain.  The more processing power you have, the more computational power you have to verify the cryptocurrency coin or ‘network’.