What is cryptocurrency mining?

AI Cryptocurrency Unlimited

AI Cryptocurrency Unlimited

Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining NVIDIA 2060, 2060, 3060, 3060, 3060

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of recording and verifying transactions on a public digital record of transactions, known as a blockchain.

Today, Cryptocurrency Unlimited is Currently Mining ERGO, (ERG), Bitcoin (BTC) with over 1 GIGAHASH.

This is it in a nut shell but it is a very skilled programmers and IT specialists to build, setup, maintain cryptocurrency mining rigs, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency payment FIAT methods, cryptocurrency electric and develop cryptocurrency supercomputers from scratch. 

Cryptocurrency is David Gawler’s expertise.  David Gawler is a skilled IT programmer for cryptocurrency mining & development in python, c, c++, .net, batch, hex code, geth & many more programming languages. David Gawler is even certified by Bill Gates of Microsoft.  David Gawler has an Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certificate.

Today, to mine cryptocurrency you need high powered super computers and hundreds of GPU’s connected to make cryptocurrency mining successful & profitable.