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Cryptocurrency Mining Farms Earn You Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin to store or HOLD.  You need to mine thousands of hours before cryptocurrency mining becomes profitable.  In time, this will become profitable and considered to be one of the smartest way to earn cryptocurrency & bitcoins. 

Successful cryptocurrency & bitcoin mining comes down to price, electric costs and the detailed setup of your cryptocurrency & bitcoin mining farm or datacentre.  You won’t make millions of cryptocurrency overnight but you will make millions of cryptocurrency in a 5-10 year time frame, sometimes more, it is a long term strategy.  You need to be a dedicated cryptocurrency & bitcoin miner 24/7/365.

You need to have expert level cryptocurrency & bitcoin skills along with extensive computer hardware and software programming skills, if you have worked in IT then this should be easier although it is still a massive learning curve for even the most skilled & seasoned IT professionals.  You really need to know how to build a complex cryptocurrency & bitcoin mining datacentre, complete with HVAC & power systems along with the actual building of supercomputer (cryptocurrency & bitcoin mining rig).  

The leaders are cryptocurrency & bitcoin mining experts in the cryptoocurrency & bitcoin mining field.

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