Good News Cryptocurrency


Good News Cryptocurrency – Contrary to what the feds say and traditional market financials say, bitcoin is a market that has grown up all on it’s own.

Bitcoin & cryptocurrency is here to stay and it’s for the long haul.  Nothing negative about that.  Of course there is risk assessment to what money you potentially afford to lose but sometimes the risks outweigh the negatives.  Some people have made millions or even billion from investing and buying gradually into cryptocurrency and bitcoin. People should understand that it is a high risk and only money you can afford to lose should be considered. 

A bit like gambling or betting on a horse, you got no idea that horse is going to win or lose, you hope like anything that horse in a race will win, if the horse you bet on wins then you win.

The pluses of buying into cryptocurrency and bitcoin are huge and of course they come with risks like traditional share market, you buy traditional shares on a stock exchange except the bitcoin ‘stock’ exchange is a digital one, on the web.  Lots of people hate cryptocurrency and bitcoin because they simply do not understand it nor want to.

Most people don’t even want to learn about how it works. That does not make it bad, just ignorant people will tell people “oh that does not work or it’s a scam” but in reality, all they are doing is not wanting to understand how cryptocurrency works.

Bitcoin currently is up at an all time high $36,952.41 (3.22%)