Cryptocurrency Unlimited – Ethereum Mining – Network Difficulty – Profits Explained

David Gawler - Cryptocurrency Unlimited

Cryptocurrency Unlimited – Ethereum Mining – What Affects Profits – In short, Network Difficulty & Price, Demand.

Cryptocurrency Unlimited – Ethereum Mining – Network Difficulty – Profits Explained. (Kind of). That said everything runs off the bitcoin price and ethereum price value. Many factors continue to make the prices fluctuate and change up and down without warning. 

Typically, a breaking news story that will be good news for the over all industry like El Salvador as a country making bitcoin legal tender is good news for the cryptocurrency and bitcoin industry.

Cryptocurrency Unlimited believes the current price profits fluctuations is caused by the massive amount of ASIC miners come online that products 3 Gigahash or more.

If the miner has say 100 of these high-powered ASIC miners for example, all mining ethereum then the chance of scoring a verifiable ethereum transaction is reduced.  That said, the profits for mining ethereum is still very high.

2 Miners has a very good article out explaining what affects ethereum mining prices and profits.  Ultimately at present we believe it is network ethereum mining or network difficulty.

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