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Outside of ehtereum & bitcoin mining.  Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining by David Gawler highly recommends Conflux CFX.

Conflux CFX – Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining hashrates at 600 Megahash (Mh/s) will generate approximately $1,469.33 per month. 600 MH/s equates to about 15 graphics cards or GPUs at it’s current rate 1/5/2021.

Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining highly recommends Conflux CFX cryptocurrency for mining.  Octopus currently only allows GPUs to mine Conflux CFX and is ASIC mining restricted so no ASIC miners can mine using the Octopus Algorithm.

What is Conflux CFX?

According to Conflux CFX website.

Conflux Network enables the secure and interoperable flow of assets and data to create an internet of value for all.


Future-ready decentralized applications can leverage a high throughput rate of 3000-6000 TPS and low transaction fees.


An open network for building new financial applications, digital assets, business applications, and data economies.


Highly tested PoW consensus mechanism with increased security and anti-reentrance attack protection at the protocol level.

Conflux CFX is a mineable cryptocurrency and website link available.

To mine conflux cfx.  You need to register with a cryptocurrency mining pool, for ease of use, we’ve chosen Nice Hash or F2 Pools. You can do your own research and use whichever cryptocurrency mining pool you wish and miner supported for your system.

On the what to mine website, you can check out the Conflux CFX more in depth. Cryptocurrency Unlimited, David Gawler has completed a short how to document and walk through to setting up Nice Hash with TREX and 1x EVGA GPU 3060 RTX graphics card. Just wish this 1x graphics card or GPU. You will yield approximately $100 per month. 

If you got a gaming computer that has a 3060, it would seem crazy not to mine conflux CFX, even with such a basic system mining 24/7, it would be well worth mining cryptocurrency with conflux and secure passive income.  We have chosen Nice hash because we mentioned ease of use and that you get paid out to Bitcoin (BTC) and is the most sensible currency ultimately earn off.  You can sell it out to FIAT real money or HODL.

Most cryptocurrency unlimited miners HODL their bitcoin or cryptocurrency they have mined and only cash it out to pay for their electric bill and other essential items & living expensive.  

Imagine if you had 100 GPU’s cryptocurrency mining? you’d be earning well over $10,000 per month! seriously.  Cryptocurrency & Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining is not going away and here to stay. As of to date in 2021. Conflux CFX is not restricted like ethereum is with the new graphic cards limiters so you get full as expected hash rates at more than 45 Megahash (Mh/s). This is very conservative figures and more than likely be higher (or lower), although with cryptocurrency being the latest craze and not going away, cryptocurrency unlimited mining is staying in the marketplace and will always be something to mine to profit from. 

Mining is an important part of the integrity and security of the cryptocurrency network so that’s why it’s such an important and crucial position in the industry. 

You need to be a specialist at programming and specialist at networking and building computers.  While you can learn it’s best to contact an expert on how to mine. That’s David Gawler and the Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining Team.

Nice Hash is an easy option because it is very well supported and has a fantastic graphic user interface.

I use the portal connection details for nice hash as follows.  Octopus is the algorithm we are going to use by default to mine cryptocurrency Octopus.

t-rex.exe -a octopus -o stratum+tcp://octopus.eu.nicehash.com:3389 -u WALLET ADDRESS


Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining

Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining
By David Gawler