Cryptocurrency Unlimited 2021, still a head

Cryptocurrency Unlimited 2021, still a head
Cryptocurrency is still all green, crypto is here for the long haul and not going away. Talks of inflation will only make crypto and bitcoin increase to the trillions in the long run! People don’t trust central bank to do their work for them. They trust us cryptocurrency miners to secure and verify their crypto networks! 🙂
To the point, crypto and bitcoin has become virtually main stream within 12 years of existence. Ultimately, trust bonds or bitcoin? loose your money on the traditional share market or take your chances with a sound investment with money you can afford to lose and in it for the long haul?🙂
The short answer is the old way, but if you want to learn the new way of trading then cryptocurrency and bitcoin then now is the time to jump in. Many people have become a millionaire or billionaire through cryptocurrency (of course, many losers) but that is the risk you take. 
The gain and money you can make with cryptocurrency is parabolic and you can make millions over 5-10 year period.  It is important to know how it all works, Cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges through to withdrawing cryptocurrency and bitcoin as real FIAT money so you can spend it as cash. Some people just HODL or HOLD until they make profits exceeding their expectation and others you can watch your consistently grow your cryptocurrency and bitcoin portfolio.
by David Gawler