Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin Set to hit $130,000 According to JPMorgan.

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Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin Set to hit $130,000 According to JPMorgan.

Bitcoin has won its fair share of Wall Street supporters this year amid a bull run that’s seen it soar around 500%.

The bitcoin price hit highs of just over $60,000 per bitcoin last month before falling back slightly but has since made up lost ground. Meanwhile, the broader cryptocurrency market has surged to almost $2 trillion—boosted by decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens. 

Now, analysts at Wall Street banking giant and former bitcoin skeptic JPMorgan have said bitcoin could climb as high as $130,000 in the long-term if it continues to see its volatility converge with that of gold’s.

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David Gawler honestly believe cryptocurrencies & bitcoin is the way of the financial and banking future. Traditional methods will be eventually a thing of the past, even though that will take many years to accomplish.  Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin is the way of the future.

That’s also good for cryptocurrency & bitcoin miners.