Manali: Supporting the claims of the geologists that the Himalayas had emerged from the Tethys ocean, a billion-year-old fossil ripple marks (fossil waves) have been found at Arki in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh.
Geologist and IndianGeoparks founder Ritesh Arya found this large fossil ripple close to a highway. It was at all times uncovered, but no person had observed it till Ritesh recognized it as a treasured fossil. He claims the wave marks on the vertical rock to be almost a billion years outdated. He stated: “The waves of the Tethys ocean made this mark within the historic occasions, which has now develop into a fossil. This proves that the positioning was a marine setting tens of millions of years earlier than the Himalayas and that these mountains emerged from the Tethys.”
Ritesh stated Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh have been wealthy in Tethys fossils and he had found lots of these, which point out marine setting within the space. The invention zone in Solan district is simply an hour’s drive from Tethys Fossil Museum at Dangyari in Kasauli tehsil. The museum is also a part of Arya’s initiative to advertise geotourism within the nation, for which he builds geological laboratories and museums inside faculties.
Listed within the Guinness E book of World Data, Arya stated: “Tethys Fossil Museum at Dangyari will open to the general public in October, and 90% of the fossils it homes are from Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. The opposite 10% are from Gujarat and Chitrakoot.”
The museum has 2-billion-year-old stromatolite, Ediacaran, 540 million years outdated trilobite, fossil fish, 200 million years outdated ammonites from Spiti and a 66 million yr outdated dinosaur egg, 55 million years outdated whale shark molluscs from Subathu, 45 million years outdated oyster with wooden fossil, 39 million years outdated white quartzite with fossil wooden, 30 million years outdated soil, 20 million years outdated angiosperms leaves, flowers, roots, wooden, first mammal, 10 million years outdated mammoths, rhino, stone instruments from paleolithic age and plenty of extra reveals.

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