AI Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining

Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining

AI Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining

Cryptocurrency mining (cryptomining) uses the processing power of computers to solve complex mathematical problems and verify cybercurrency transactions, and the miners are then rewarded with a small amount of cybercurrency.


Cybercurrrency, Digital Currency, Cryptocurrency, it all means the same thing and cryptocurrencies ultimately use the blockchains they are in reference to. Blockchains are the core components to powering and enabling bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency mining is complex and nearly impossible with super expensive computer hardware and software, programming skills need to cryptocurrency “mine” is endless but all it really does is verifies transactions.  One GPU, CPU or ASIC cryptocurrency unlimited mining system. 

That said, everyone can get their gaming computer even with an NVIDIA 2060 RTX graphics card to start mining, you won’t earn thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency initially but the starting point is really the main source of learning and education. 


If you can get started with cryptocurrency unlimited mining then you should be well on your way to becoming a bitcoin & cryptocurrency millionaire or billionaire.  The hardware processing power you add to your cryptocurrency and mining rig is endless and of course costs but in the long run in about 3-4 years times, you should be cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining will earn hundreds per week.

According to the what to mine website which is a GPU mining cryptocurrency algorithm calculator that generates a calculation of revenue options for each cryptocurrency mining hardware option.  It is best to start with this website because you can get an overall scope.

NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics cards or known as GPU’s or gaming, video cards, it is approximately around $6 USD per day, whilst that does not sound like much, it is a start to building a bigger cryptocurrency unlimited mining farm or datacentre. The $6 USD is every single day times 365 days per year which is $2,190.00 USD.

Now, add 24 graphics cards to the same cryptocurrency unlimited mining system and you got your self a very nice income indeed being around $26,280 USD per year based on 24 NVIDIA 2060 graphics cards. 

It is important to note that many factors exist like price and cost of hardware, software, licensing, people power and complete skill & knowledge of complex operating systems, hardware and software for various computing systems but once you get past the learning curve, you can start earning cryptocurrency with cryptocurrency unlimited mining.

40, NVIDIA RTX 3060 graphics cards earn approximately $109.04 USD per day convert this to 365 days and you get $39,799.60 USD per year.

Theoretically, there is no limit to how many graphics card (AMD or NVIDIA) graphics cards you can add to a cryptocurrency unlimited mining system.

However there is logical and practical limitations like physical room space like there is a difference to an office size or open plan warehouse style room or small alcove you might want to put just a small cryptocurrency unlimited mining system in place to earn cryptocurrency & bitcoin, you can certainly do this but bare in mind that your cryptocurrency unlimited mining system will be always on and possibly noisy so it is important to put your cryptocurrency unlimited mining system in a place where it is tucked away. 

In an apartment, this may be a spare room or in a house, this may be a garage or tool shed (quite literally) but whatever you do make sure it is a safe place tucked away in a secure location so people cannot interfere with the cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining system, it needs to be locked away in a safe and secure environment.

To most people, cryptocurrency unlimited mining is just not worth the investment or purchase of expensive computer and networking equipment so it’s a lost cause before they even start.  Most people don’t even possess the basic knowledge of computing and networking systems and by the time they learn it, the whole process is dissolved and they need to start again with the learning process. 

Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining is the best way to start cryptocurrency unlimited mining is to start with a simple gaming computer with a basic graphics card like the NVIDIA RTX 2060 graphics card or AMD 470s, 480s.  Although it is recommended to use graphic cards that start at least 12GB so you can start the cryptocurrency unlimited mining DAG file and load it into your graphics card memory.

The DAG file stands means in English – Directed Acyclic Graph.  
DAG stands for Directed Acyclic Graph and without going into too many details, it is a crucial file in cryptocurrency unlimited mining. DAG file size grows over time, DAG file has to be “loaded” into your GPU memory while mining. 
Eventually, older style cards like 2GB or 4GB are almost practically not in use by any cryptocurrency mining process. 
You need to start off with at least 8GB, 12GB or 24GB graphics cards to even get cryptocurrency mining started.  With 2GB, 4GB it’s impossible to  get started with cryptocurrency unlimited mining.
The DAG files are loaded in to the graphics card memory’s to get the cryptocurrency unlimited mining. 
In the cryptocurrency unlimited mining space, many people talk about the DAG file because it is what gets the whole cryptocurrency mining space and in computer science, it is so important that nothing would work without the DAG file loading into the cryptocurrency unlimited mining GPU memory.
DAG files in computer science explained.
Cryptocurrency Unlimited







In mathematics and computer science, a directed acyclic graph (DAG), is a finite directed graph with no directed cycles. That is, it consists of finitely many vertices and edges, with each edge directed from one vertex to another, such that there is no way to start at any vertex v and follow a consistently-directed sequence of edges that eventually loops back to v again. Equivalently, a DAG is a directed graph that has a topological ordering, a sequence of the vertices such that every edge is directed from earlier to later in the sequence.

Different DAG file sizes exist because different cryptocurrency’s carry a different weight and utilise DAG file sizes depending on their setup with the creation of the original cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum, ergo, litecoin. Some DAG file sizes are small, medium to super large so that is the reason for needing at least 12GB to 24 GB graphics cards, you can get by with 8GB today as of 8/30/2021.  Ideally, you should have 12GB to 24GB graphics cards so it makes your buying of GPUs worthwhile.

Cryptocurrency mining (cryptomining) uses the processing power of computers to solve complex mathematical problems and verify cybercurrency transactions, and the miners are then rewarded with a small amount of cybercurrency.

Cryptocurrency Unlimited Mining

Cryptocurrency explained

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are virtual currencies, which means they exist only online and there are no physical notes and coins. 

There are currently more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies; the most common being Bitcoin, Monero and Ethereum.

Technology known as ‘blockchain’, acts as a digital register that records all transactions relating to a virtual currency. If you buy or sell cryptocurrency, or even use it to buy a coffee at a trendy ‘we accept bitcoin’ café’, it will be recorded in this digital register.

These transactions are then verified by ‘cryptomining’, which is legitimate and a critical part of how cryptocurrencies work.

Cryptomining uses the processing power of computers to solve complex mathematical problems and verify cybercurrency transactions. The miners, ­­who are like auditors, are then rewarded with a small amount of cybercurrency.

This step ensures the validity of the currency, with no one able to use the same money twice. The miners keep cryptocurrency users honest!